Curriculum at Thakeham Primary School

In September 2017 we became a Primary School and together as a team we took this as an opportunity to review our curriculum and the re-organisation of our classes as part of this.  We have 4 classes:
  • Acorn Class: (Early Years Foundation Stage/Reception)
  • Oak Class (Years 1 & 2)
  • Maple Class (Years 3 & 4)
  • Elder Class (Years 5 & 6) 

The 2014 National Curriculum provides the basis of our teaching and learning at Thakeham which we teach in a cross curricular way as far as possible.  The introduction of the revised National Curriculum provided us with an opportunity to reflect on what we feel is important for our children in our community to equip them as learners for life! And so our Curriculum Drivers were born.  These key aspects underpin our planning in every topic in every year group:

Our Place in the World

 Children understand and relate to their place in our wonderful local community as well as understanding their place in the wider world. Our aim is for our children to be thoughtful respectful citizens, both of one another and the environment. We bring with us our Thakeham links but we are also looking to develop these to include those in and around our new site.  Links are developed both locally, internationally and globally to help us realise this aim.

Inspired Learners

We draw on children's interests and starting points in developing a curriculum that is relevant and engaging, encouraging children to be curious, inspired and enjoy their learning. Resources, visits and visitors are chosen to stimulate and bring our children's learning to life. 'Stunning Starts' to our topics will be aimed at enthusing the children right from the beginning. Children's achievements in key areas of learning will be celebrated through our 'Fabulous Finishes' at the end of our topics, also providing an opportunity for us to share these with families wherever possible.

Learning for Life

Children have opportunities to see that their learning extends beyond the classroom and how this links to 'real life', whether this be through work or hobbies they may be engaged in during their future. Children have opportunities to nurture their talents and will hopefully discover new ones throughout their learning journey at Thakeham. They will be encouraged to be resilient and think flexibly and creatively when faced with a challenge to achieve their aspirations.
Our planning is takes the following format and draws on children's interests and ideas:
  • Curriculum Overviews: these are organised for each class as part of a 2 year rolling programme. They provide a brief overview of our areas of learning and Curriculum Drivers.
  • Long Term Plans and Progression of Skills: these outline the key themes/topics in each curriculum area and ensure year on year we build on children's experiences and skills.
  • Medium Term Plans (and Maths Learning Journeys): these are more detailed teaching and learning tools for each curriculum area on a lesson by lesson basis for a half-term.
  • Weekly Planning: for Maths and English outlining the teaching and learning on a daily basis.
Our termly Curriculum Information Letters and Curriculum Overviews can be found on each class page - see Learning - Pupils - then select the class.