We ensure detailed assessment underpins our teaching. 
In Beatles Class, pupils are assessed as to whether they are on track to/have achieved what is called a, GOOD LEVEL OF DEVELOPMENT (GLD). If a child is determined to have achieved GLD then they are considered academically, emotionally and cognitively ready for the Key Stage 1 curriculum. Any pupils who do not achieve the GLD receive a detailed transition package that ensures we do our best to support them in catching up. 
In Wonder, Marley and Franklin classes, we use an 'on track' system. Pupils are given a target at the start of the year and are then tracked according to how securely they are working towards meeting that target. Pupils work within the skills for their year group and receive an assessment of: 
PKF: working below the requirements of their year group
WTS: working within and towards the requirements of their year group
EXS: working at age related
GDS: working above the requirements of their year group
Pupils in Year 2 and Year 6 also take part in Statutory Assessments (SATS). As part of this, they receive a Standardised Score on top of the PKF/WTS/EXS/GDS. A score of 100 means they are age related. A score above 110 means they are working above the requirements of their year group. The standardised scores are designed such that secondary schools can better understand the assessment point of a child. 
Our TLAC policy (see the intent tab) details the various assessment strategies we use within our teaching the wider curriculum. 
Should you have any questions about how we assess and the systems we use, please speak to your child's class teacher or email Mr McDonald at