Inclusion at Thakeham

"We want a culture that is inclusive of everyone and where everyone who joins feels they have opportunities to succeed and grow."

- Nellie Borrero 


At Thakeham Primary School, we are committed to creating an inclusive environment and curriculum that allows all children to reach their potential. 

Specific coordination for areas is detailed below and these are the persons you should ask to speak to regarding any concerns, in the first instance:


  • SEND provision is coordinated by: Mrs Stender
  • EAL provision is coordinated by: Mrs Stender
  • Looked After Children (CLA) is coordinated by Mr McDonald as our trained Designated Teacher
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing is coordinated by: Mr McDonald
  • Individual Healthcare Plans and First Aid is coordinated by: Mrs Younger and Mrs Bowbrick 
  • Our Attendance Officer is: Mrs Campbell 

If you have any concerns about your child, please speak to your child’s teacher in the first instance. They will support and provide excellent advice.