The Thakeham Enrichment Curriculum 

At Thakeham Primary School, we believe all children deserve a well-rounded, culturally rich, education.

The enrichment curriculum plays a crucial part in achieving this objective.

The purpose of the enrichment curriculum is to provide a broad range of opportunities to learn and develop outside of the classroom and/or beyond the curriculum in the classroom. For example, this curriculum offer extends through things such as what we cover in assemblies through to trips and experiences we take pupils on. 

These opportunities foster wider skills such as resilience, active listening, confidence, self-esteem and teamwork. Coupled with the growth of interests and enthusiasm for passions beyond the classroom. They also feed into our SMSC, British Values and personal development offer. Furthermore, exposing children to experiences they might not otherwise have helps broaden their understanding and encourage them to be better citizens.  

Our staff work exceptionally hard to provide a range of opportunities for your children and students across the two years they are in each class. 

Please find the link to the Enrichment opportunities here. This is a broad example and a working document. Our offer is adapted all the time to suit the needs of the pupils, current affairs and our curriculum requirements.