Subject Information

Our TLAC policy is a central, single and consistent method for defining our curriculum 'intent' and then reinforcing the ensuing 'implementation' of it. It is closely linked to our CARE values and our 2023-2028 'EVEN BETTER' vision. 
You can read the TLAC policy by navigating to the 'curriculum' and 'intent and implementation' tabs. 
The TLAC policy details:
  • Curriculum drivers
  • 'Five a Day' approach
  • TARGET Model for interventions 
  • Timetable non-negotiables
  • Overview of our curriculum documents 
  • Subject models and non-negotiables 
  • Assessment 
  • SEND and Inclusion 
  • Monitoring 
  • Homework 
  • Displays and environment 
  • Lesson planning formats
  • Presentation in books
  • Our approach to EYFS
  • Marking and feedback
  • Differentiation and scaffolding
This TLAC approach ensures we have a consistent and progressive curriculum model from EYFS through to Year 6. This means we can work to make sure each child knows more as they move through the Key Stages.
To aid with unpicking individual themes, intents and approaches, we have included below some short subject guides. For each subject, we have mapped out the progression of knowledge. These documents are also below.
Should you have any questions, do ask!