Curriculum Journey

Why does a school need a curriculum?
All maintained schools in England must follow the National Curriculum for England. We are required to teach a broad, thoughtful and progressive curriculum that builds knowledge from the EYFS through into Year 6. 
Having a codified curriculum is really important. It ensure consistency and provides a suitable structure for a school to build knowledge and skills with a pupil. Importantly, designing an effective curriculum also allows a school to tailor learning to the individual context of the school and ensure pupils receive the particular type of education that they need. 
Our Journey with developing our curriculum
Our curriculum was overhauled and redesigned in 2023. This was because we felt that it needed updating so as to be ready for the future. England has changed a lot in the past few years and pupils require additional teaching in many areas, e.g: with computer safety as the technology progresses.
We also wanted to place particular emphasis on our journey towards curriculum excellence as part of our new 2023-2028 'EVEN BETTER' vision. This new and exciting vision is ambitious and thorough and required we look at our curriculum to ensure we could successfully begin that journey. 
What we have done so far
  • Introduced new assessment systems 
  • Reviewed all learning topics to ensure they are progressive and help pupils build knowledge over time 
  • Introduced new long, medium and short term planning formats to help teachers with the above 
  • Introduced new planning systems for our vulnerable pupils so as to ensure they remain the highest of all priorities; are included in the learning; and that lessons are adapted appropriately for them 
  • Introduced a new way of teaching reading in the school to better promote progress and a love of reading
  • Introduced a new programme for the teaching of systematic synthetic phonics 
  • Introduced a new RSHE curriculum to run alongside our PSHE curriculum
  • Trained teachers in new approaches to the teaching of writing and reading 
  • Introduced our new TLAC policy (teaching, learning, assessment and curriculum 
  • Invested heavily in our enrichment curriculum to build cultural capital 
  • Worked with Subject Leaders on new systems to support them with leading their subjects 
Future foci
  • Embed and reinforce all our revised curriculum approaches
  • Build subject leader capacity such that they are true leaders and can support others, including in other schools
The guide below details how we, at Thakeham Primary School, have been reviewing, revising and building our new curriculum over the past year. Please do read and if you have any questions, ask!