We are very fortunate to have access to our own swimming pool on site.
The pool is shared with Steyning Grammar School and managed by MXT Swimming Pools. You can find out more about MXT by visiting the link below. 
Swimming is a vital skill, particularly for pupils in a school like ours that is close to the coast. Our pupils visit the coastlines along Worthing, Brighton and Littlehampton often. So, it is important they can swim! 
In Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 pupils attend weekly on a schedule. We work hard to ensure our pupils see the benefit of such learning. You can look at our Sports Premium Report Review for the year 22-23 for more information. But, the headlines are: 
% of pupils who left in Year 6 able to swim 25m: 85%
% of pupils who left in year 6 able to swim using correct strokes: 85%
% of pupils who left knowing how to perform a rescue procedure: 100%