Key Stage Overviews

Our curriculum has been overhauled ready for this academic year.
The refresh means our curriculum is now more engaging, inspiring and ready for the modern world than ever before!
At the heart of our curriculum is the notion that every child has the right to an ambitious, inclusive, forward-thinking and progressive curriculum. We believe every child CAN and WILL succeed. We do everything possible to ensure this happens - right from the second a child steps through the door in September.
Reading and use of key quality texts has been further deepened reinforcing the notion that reading is ABSOLUTELY at the heart of everything we do in school. 
We use the ReadWriteInc Scheme to support our teaching of systematic synthetic phonics and early reading. 
The whole school uses the VIPERS approach to teaching of reading. This ensures pupils receive a consistent and organised method to acquire further reading skills and deepen their love of reading. 
All of our topics and English units have a Key Quality Text that anchors them. Each Key Quality Text has been audited and is used for a defined purpose. For example, we might use a text to support with the teaching of persuasive writing and another one to support understanding of how to structure a narrative piece. Our Knowledge Development Overview highlights what texts we use and what for. 
Beatles Class: EYFS
Wonder Class: Years 1 and 2
Marley Class: Years 3 and 4
Franklin Class: Years 5 and 6