Please see below for an overview of our curriculum. It includes: key quality texts, enrichment themes, enrichment and personal development activities and an overview of each class topic/learning journey. We use enquiry questions to frame our learning. These change every year and all the time based on what the children want to know, what questions they have and what they feel is important to answer. 
At the heart of our curriculum is the notion that every child has the right to an ambitious, inclusive, forward-thinking and progressive curriculum. We believe every child CAN and WILL succeed. We do everything possible to ensure this happens - right from the second a child steps through the door in September. 
Alongside the curriculum overview, teachers use individual subject knowledge development overviews to design their medium term plans. They take the skills from these overviews and use these as the defined end points for particular units. We use knowledge organisers and end of unit assessments to gauge how much a pupil has remembered. 
The subject knowledge development overviews can be found on a tab on this website under, 'learning'.
Being a small school, we run our curriculum across two years. We call them 'cycle A' and 'cycle B'. As we have two year groups per class, this ensures we have progression for a child across their two years in one class. Our curriculum starts in the EYFS and progresses through to Year 6.
As a state maintained school, we are legally obliged to follow the National Curriculum for England. Our curriculum has been carefully audited to ensure it matches. In turn, we have also thought about our own unique context and included elements in our curriculum bespoke to us. For example, our enrichment activities are designed not only to ensure our pupils are prepared for secondary school and wider life but also ready to live and be part of our local area. As a semi-rural community, it is important we ensure this is reflected in our teaching. 
We are constantly reviewing our curriculum so that it matches our context.