Our Animals

Animals Are Awesome!
We love animals here at Thakeham Primary School. When introduced to children properly, they are a proven way to not only teach a young person about being gentle and kind but also the power of empathy and caring for someone other than yourself. 
In Maple Class, Miss Brown has a small aquarium where our fish live. The children love watching them!
We have dogs that visit twice a week and spend time with the whole Community. Acorns Class have recently incubated and hatched our their own set of chicks. 
And, on their way are: 
1. Guinea Pigs for Acorns Class
2. A turtle 
3. Lambs! 
School Dogs
Kaia comes to visit us once a week and we absolutely love her! She is a wonderful tonic for the children and supports with developing their sense of empathy. Her owner, Sarah, kindly pops in every Friday and we are so grateful. 
The children in the school rotate their visits so that everyone has a chance to spend some quality time with her. 
Branson comes in once a week just to see Acorns class! They absolutely love it.