'At Thakeham we CARE'
Dear Parents, Carers and Visitors, 
A warm welcome to our website and Thakeham Primary School! 
Thakeham is a wonderful school with a long and proud history - our first site opened almost 150 years ago in 1875! All these decades later and we are still here. We are, rightly, proud of it. 
It is a warm, nurturing, modern and forward-thinking community. Being small, we know each pupil well. This enables us to successfully support their growth, both academically and in terms of each child’s individual personal development. We take pride in celebrating each child’s successes. Nurturing pupils is something we know we do particularly well. It is what makes us unique!
As a staff, we are experienced and knowledgeable. We come from a wealth of different backgrounds and all contribute something meaningful to our community. We enjoy teaching and believe in the value and purpose of a broad, inclusive education. We are supportive, happy to challenge ourselves and enjoy the process of learning. We care!
We believe that pupils should be encouraged to see learning as a life-long experience; one to be embraced. We take the time needed to ensure we deliver high-quality teaching that allows pupils to be happy, confident and resilient. Furthermore, we see our school as a key part of the local community and British society. We want our pupils to strive to be the best they can be. So, we support our children with becoming respectful, responsible and caring citizens.
Our values are centred around the word, CARE. In everything we do at Thakeham we make sure we see: 
1] Courage
2] Ambition
3] Respect
4] Enjoyment
Our vision for Thakeham Primary School 2023 - 2028 is to simply be ‘Even Better’. By focusing on our core values of care, courage, ambition, respect and enjoyment we will create a school where all children can reach their full potential and enjoy success. We will be a school where children are excited to learn and understand the value of respect. We will be a school that is known for its culture of excellence, but also its focus on community. As our children continue their education journey and beyond, they will be proudly identified as someone that grew from Thakeham Primary School.
To achieve our Thakeham Primary School 2023 - 2028 Vision, we will be focusing on the following goals:

· Continue to deliver an innovative high-quality curriculum that prepares all children for success

· Become renowned for academic excellence in all areas, not only in the core subjects, but across the wider curriculum

· Foster a culture across the school community that understands the importance of being respectful to others and the world around us

· Enhance our reputation as a school that is committed to ensuring that all children, regardless of their background, attend school and feel welcome, respected and care for

Thakeham is a very special place. 
If you would like to tour the school, then we would be more than delighted to show you just how incredible we are! Please email or call the office to book.
With very best wishes, 
Will McDonald