"I love the school because my children love the school! They are happy, settled, challenged and nurtured. The staff are all fantastic from the lunch team to the teachers and assistants to the office staff and to the head. The school is like a family with the added benefit of being run well!"
"Thakeham is a school with a real family feeling and that is what makes it very special. Mrs. Norton and her staff are always welcoming and approachable. It is lovely that all the children know each other and older children assist the younger children.

 My son, who has Special Educational Needs, has settled into Thakeham so well. Mrs. Norton and her staff have been so accommodating and flexible regarding meeting his needs. The additional support my son receives is excellent and I am delighted with the progress he is making.

Thakeham offers excellent experiences which enrich the curriculum and make learning fun. Already, my son has been on two different visits and taken part in Forest Schools. He is truly happy at school and loves attending.

 I definitely recommend Thakeham as it is a such a warm, caring and friendly school."


"Happy children learn and my children are thriving at Thakeham School. They are taught by professional, energetic and intuitive teachers who really know them as individuals. My children love going to school and feel safe and cared for whilst they are there. Pastoral care is excellent from all staff and my children’s early years in education are instilling in them a natural enthusiasm for learning."

"In my son's words, "I love my school mummy.......my school is peeeeerfect". My son joined Thakeham a little late, half way through a term after a traumatic episode at another primary school. We have never looked back. The school are brilliant at growing the childrens' strengths and challenging and changing the things the children find harder. Thanks to the smaller school size and intuitive, nurturing and creative skills of the teaching staff, my son is now more confident than I ever believed I would see. He is happy, care free and loves to learn. I couldn't ask for more."
"A school where every child is treated like an individual. And where every child is known and cared for.  Amazing array of before and after school activities for the children - pottery, sports, performing arts, coding and choir to name but a few. Bad behaviour is virtually non-existent - the children look out for one another - a real community. The head has made an enormous effort to improve the school and is very good at involving parents. Because of what she has done, the school has improved massively"