Super Learning Heroes

True to our vision, we recognise that to equip our children to thrive in an ever-changing world, we must do more than teach the National Curriculum.  We aim to develop effective learners who can flourish no matter what challenges and changes lie ahead.   

To this end, our Super Learning Heroes were born.  Designed by children, and based on what research and experience tell us helps facilitate effective learning, these are at the heart of our school. 

Each week we recognise children who have demonstrated one of our Super Learning Hero characteristics.  Please see below for details of other awards at Thakeham Primary School: 

  • Headteacher Award: Once all 4 Super Learning Hero certificates are awarded to a child they will earn a Headteacher’s certificate. A Headteacher Award can also be given for outstanding work (separate to the hero certificates)
  • Governor Award: These can be gained by earning two Headteacher awards (1 for outstanding work and 1 for gaining all 4 hero certificates).
  • Community Award: Children can earn this following the Governor Award by completing 4 community tasks/activities in agreement with the Headteacher. These may include taking part in a charity event (over and above those that happen in school), a session working alongside children at Thakeham Pre-School, taking part in a school/community event e.g. singing at Sussex Downs Care Home etc. The School Council will work to create a suggested list of such activities and work together to design the certificate. These certificates will be presented by a member of Thakeham Parish Council.

All of our awards are presented in our Celebration Assembly on Mondays.  This assembly is also an opportunity to celebrate children's achievements outside of school.