Maple Class

Year 3/4 Class Teacher
Miss M. Killner-Brown
Teaching Assistant
Mrs E. Elvery
NSPCC: Real Life Maths Day!   Friday 2nd February 2018
Our theme for NSPCC Maths day this year was money. In a contactless and cashless society, we had a whole day of adding money, subtracting money and finding change.
Every child started the day with 50p and took part in games and challenges with the aim to collecting £5.00.
With a twist on the traditional game of Snakes and Ladders, we began our sponsored SnakesandLadders-athon. After lots of making and breaking pound coins, most children made it to around the £2.00 mark. Using Monopoly Junior, Monopoly Empire, Monopoly Star Wars, Monopoly Original and Monopoly Millionaire, children completed further tasks in order to reach their daily aim!
Well done Maple class!
Aftwerwards, Maple upped the stakes and moved into their Monopoly afternoon. 
Scratch Projects
Linked to our Victorian topic this term and our class book 'Street Child', Maple class have been creating short animations using Scratch.
In pairs, children animated a short sequence about a Victorian child and their experiences in the workhouse.
Here is Emilia and Archie's first draft! Check back in at the end of the Spring term to see more!
Pop Art - Andy Warhol, colours and lines
In Autumn term, Maple class looked into the life and works of Andy Warhol.
The class developed their sketching skills using every day real life objects, inspired by 'Campbells Soup'.
This led into experimentation in print making using the blotted line technique. You can see some of our early work in the gallery below!