Green Force


Clem, Mabel, Noah, Amber, Isla R and Harrison have joined together to become the new Green Force Team for our school this year.  They will be working with Mrs Stender and Mrs Turner to look after our school community, local community and learn more about our impact on the wider world community.

Throughout the year we will be taking on different projects around the school  focusing on the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) and keeping the roads, streets and surrounding areas clean and safe so keep an eye out to see what positive changes we are making!

We will encourage a strong sense of respect and responsibility, both within our local community and the wider world, supporting our children to be co-operative, caring citizens now and in the future.

Our Action So Far........................
Carrie Cort, Founder of Sussex Green Living, visited to deliver an assembly on the problems and damage we are causing to our local coastlines by not recycling, reducing and reusing plastics. The Green Force team then carried out a tour around the school with Carrie, looking at what we can do to make a difference based around the 3 Rs of reduce, reuse and recycle.  
Green Force have also been busy planting the beds outside Oak, Maple and Elder classes with strawberry plants, violas and spinach seeds. Fingers crossed they will flourish over the Winter months.
They have also been involved in the very exciting project of creating a mindfulness garden with the very kind sponsorship of Fowler's Estate Agents. Green Force are currently planning what they would like in the new garden so watch this space as it develops!