Elder Class

Year 5/6 Class Teacher
Mrs. M.Macready
French Teacher
Mrs Knight
Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J. Bowbrick
Mrs  H. Blampied (on maternity leave)
Mrs E. Elvery
Mrs. S. Ede
Mrs H. Robertson
Curriculum Information Letter for Elder Class
Spring 2022
Our current topic is 'King for a Day'.
Elder Class Curriculum Overviews
Autumn Art in Elder
This autumn, we are developing our water colour skills. 
For inspiration, we have used  the work of German painter Albrecht Dürer and have taken our own photographs of our school grounds to work from. 
For concentration, we have listened to work of Eric Satie, who was a French composer and pianist. 

A message to the England Football Team
Our version of Gareth Southgate's speech to his team after the
Euro Finals July 2021
Everyone gather round and listen I have something very important to tell you.
Tonight we were tested to our limits but we will get back out there and not let them bring us down. Tonight has been an experience for our team, even though there is room for improvement, we played well. We persevered and tried our best.  There is a lot of hard work ahead but think of where you have come from.  No other England team has made it to the finals of the Euros or any other final since the World Cup in 1966.
You can be anything if you put your mind to it.  One day you will be known all over the world.
Sport's Day July 2021
The winners: Edison House
Star Warts
Summer Production performed by
the children of Elder Class. 
July 2021
Snake eyes based upon the poem
'Snake' by D.H. Lawrence.
The children in Elder Class wrote their own free poetry based upon 'Snake' by D.H. Lawrence. 
Forest Art in Acrylics May 2021
Reading in Year 5/6
Looking for a new book...
The children of Elder Class recorded themselves reading Acorn Class' favourite picture books!
Our youngest pupils loved watching them during their reading sessions. 
Year 5 and 6 were a big hit! 
Darwin's Delights 
During this topic,we have been reading Darwin's Dragons by Lindsay Galvin.
For there extended project, the children have been recreating the Galapagos Islands as experienced by Sims Covington in the story. 
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