Eco Warriors

Miles, Holly, Martha, Matthew and Casper have joined together to become Eco Warriors for Thakeham Primary School, we look for different ways to raise the awareness of reducing, reusing and recycling amongst staff and children and keeping our school as eco friendly as possible.

We will built upon our successes over the past few years encouraging a strong sense of respect and responsibility, both within our local community and the wider world, supporting our children to be co-operative, caring citizens for the future.

Our focus this half term.......


The Eco team have ordered some small bins for Acorn, Oak and Maple class to collect their fruit snack waste in. One of the new roles of the Eco team this term will be being responsible for collecting the fruit waste and placing it in one of the recently donated large compost bins. Once it has been made into compost this fruit waste will then be recycled and used in our gardening area to help nourish the plants and help them to grow.