Digital Leaders

Meet our new digital leaders!

Noah, Matthew and Huxley from Elder class and Rudee, Erin, Daniel and Nikos from Maple will be supporting our school in all things technology related.  They’ll be trained and supported to teach pupils and staff about new hardware, software and how to use the internet safely and responsibly.

We know they’ll do a wonderful job.

"You need to block people if they are bullying you online," says Nikos.
"If you are not sure about a message within a game, ask a trusted adult," says Daniel.
"Don't talk to people online that you do not know," says Erin.
"Don't invite people you don't know to play with you online," says Rudee.
Safer Internet Day 2022
'All Fun and Game'
Today's Safer Internet Day is about keeping safe and happy when playing games with other people.  It is also to teach us how to deal with situations where people are not being kind.
by Matthew, Noah & Huxley.