Following the introduction of a new National Curriculum from September 2014, the government removed level descriptors to assess pupil progress and attainment. From this date it has been responsibility of schools to decide how they assess pupils’ progress.

At Thakeham Primary School we use a variety of formative assessment strategies to help us understand how well children have understood and learnt key information and to help inform their next steps in learning.  This is based on a strong, trusting relationships between adults and children and also between peers, as research shows this has a positive impact on learning. 

We also undertake a variety of statutory and non-statutory summative assessments at different points within the school.

The National Curriculum consists of Programmes of Study for different curriculum areas and we measure pupil outcomes/attainment in relation to how well children understand and can apply these.  At Thakeham Primary School we use SIMS to record whether a child is 'emerging', 'developing',  has a 'secure' understanding or is working at 'greater depth' for these Programmes of Study. Judgements are made at 4 points across each academic year.  We compare pupil outcomes with other schools locally and nationally. 

We use 'School Analytics' to help track pupil progress throughout the year, progress being the measure between each of the stages outlined above.

Our Pupil Performance Meetings are an opportunity for teachers to share with the Headteacher and Inclusion Co-ordinator pupil outcomes and progress at key points within the year.  This ensures children needing further support are identified/supported and appropriate challenge and opportunities are provided. 

For further detailed information on our approach, please see our Assessment and Feedback Policy below. 


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