Art Intent 

At Thakeham Primary School we believe that art can enrich all other areas of the curriculum by adding a practical approach to learning. Children become aesthetically aware of their surroundings and can be involved in how they look. They learn to make informed judgements and practical decisions. They learn how art has influenced the way in which people live and how it communicates different periods of history and is a means of learning about different cultures.  Our art curriculum stimulates creativity and promotes imagination and provides opportunities for all children to creatively explore a range of materials and to progressively develop techniques and skills.  We ensure we provide children with visual, tactile and sensory experiences in order to develop their language and communication skills and gain an insight into the world around them and provide a stimulating learning environment where children’s work is celebrated.

Art Implementation

Through Expressive Arts, our children in Early Years are encouraged to explore different media, explore how media can be combined to create different effects and develop a range of skills and techniques experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function. Children are given daily access to a range of creative opportunities and enjoy our carefully planned and well-resourced creative areas both indoors and out. Children are encouraged to create on both small and large scales.  Children are encouraged to develop their communication and language skills through talking about their creations and sharing these with others to build confidence and raise self-esteem.


Across key stage 1 and 2, we teach one art block each term across a two year rolling programme using a cross curricular approach.    The children are given a range of opportunities to explore a wide variety of materials and techniques, developing their skills and thinking as young artists.  The curriculum is progressive and so allows the children to build on skills, knowledge and techniques year on year. Throughout each unit, the children build on previous understanding through five areas of content: making skills, generating ideas, formal elements, knowledge of artists and evaluating their work. Various media types are explored within each unit to give the widest possible range of experiences for all children. The materials and media used are revisited throughout units and year groups to ensure progression of skills previously developed. Children are taught key knowledge, language and meanings  in order to understand and readily apply new terminology to their work in Art and across the wider curriculum

Art Impact

At Thakeham Primary School it is expected that teaching and learning will show progression across all key stages in Art.  It is our aim that children will retain knowledge and skills taught within each unit of work, remember these and understand how to use and apply these in their own art work, whilst beginning to understand what being in ‘artist’ means.   By the time children leave, we want them to have developed a passion for art and creativity, working both independently and collaboratively. They will have grown in confidence when using a range of tools and techniques, becoming artists that can apply the skills and knowledge that they have developed throughout the years and respond critically to their own and other’s work. 

We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:

-        Pupil discussions and interviewing the pupils about their learning (pupil voice).

-        Governor monitoring with our subject link governor.

-        Annual reporting and tracking of standards across the curriculum.

-        Photo evidence of the pupils’ practical learning.

-        Foundation Assessments at the end of a unit of work.